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Helping our partners do better business is always a win-win situation, but in particular, we see three primary reasons why firms buy value-added advisory services:

0.1  Increase firm revenue.

Business advisory engagements produce additional revenue streams and are more profitable than traditional, compliance-based accounting services.

0.2  Stop competing on price.

Firms that bring more to the table can justify higher rates. Stop leaving money on the table, command the rates you deserve by offering a higher level of service, and land more "A-List" clients.

0.3  Deepen client relationships.

Help a client do better business and you lock in a client for life. Quality advisory services help you forge deeper relationships with clients and also boost word-of-mouth referrals.

We Integrate With Your Business ambition

Through years of experience within the team, we have developed a unique approach. Our in-depth advisory programmes use a variety of techniques and tools to help owners identify and meet their goals. Whether it be profit growth, rapid expansion, long-term stability, minimising risk, grooming for exit or any other vision, our approach is uniquely tailored in line with every client.

Contact us now to learn more about this highly efficient and affordable diagnostic system and advisory programmes to be better prepared for the future sustainability and growth of your business.  

Havens Tech

The project focuses on the development of an advanced automotive security system aimed at combating the sharp rise in vehicle theft associated with keyless car technology witnessed in recent years, as passive entry systems become the norm across the automotive industry. The proposed system will be capable of defending against all current passive keyless entry attacks as well as the 'brute force' quantum attacks that are likely to become commonplace as quantum computing technology advances in the coming years.

We work with our partners to understand firstly their individual goals and objectives and then their business aspirations.

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