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About Bryant Technologies

Project Partner SME

Bryant Technologies Ltd was founded August 2019 to further develop and commercialise now cyber security solutions building on IP developed and patented by founder Mark Bryant covering the OTP technology whilst employed at BAE Systems.


In January 2020, BAE Systems granted Bryant and exclusive license to this background IP for all applications outside of defence (see BAE Systems letter AppendixQu2).


The company’s core capabilities lie in:

  • Treat assessment & vulnerability analysis

  • Architecture definition for secure communications

  • Software development

  • Requirement definition for electronics & hardware enclosures

  • Electronic design

  • Technical business development & market analysis

  • System integration & testing

  • App creation

Bryant will lead the technical development of the new authentication protocol, including system design and software development. Using the team’s background expertise in military communications, we will create a comprehensive threat assessment that supports the commercial use case development, marketing and commercialisations strategies.

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