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About Albeego

Project Partner SME

AlbeeGo is a tech start-up based in the Northwest of England. The company has been incorporated for 18 months and has developed a product range focussed on secure, connected mobility.

AlbeeGo is a development company that uses highly agile, modern software and hardware development techniques to achieve rapid development of its ideas. AlbeeGo achieves its development agility and momentum by maintaining close collaborative ties to other industry SME’s, these include the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry and Liverpool for design collaboration and specialised UK based software and hardware development and delivery teams which are engaged to deliver specialised support as and when required.


This rapid, agile and open-source approach to system development has proven both efficient and highly successful in delivering AlbeeGo’ s cutting edge technology portfolio. AlbeeGo’ s involvement in this project will bring its current design and development capability to the consortium and give AlbeeGo the opportunity to further develop its interest in automotive security system development.

Project partners

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